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the scrapheap

The scrapheap is smogheap's junk drawer, rainy day craft kit, deleted scenes, and garage sale "free" table. It's where things go if they're interesting but may or may not have any actual purpose.

Why would we want to keep (and expose to public scrutiny) half-baked ideas and scraps?

One person's dead-end is another person's inspiration. One project's rejected villain design could have just the look needed somewhere else. And, just as importantly, a budding game idea with no art of its own can quickly grab up some temporary assets, just to have something on-screen while the mechanics get nailed down.

Anything and everything is welcome in the scrapheap. Organized, chaotic, rough, polished, artsy, practical, too-small, too-big, it doesn't matter. To toss something into the scrapheap is to disavow any responsibility for the usefulness of that item. :^)

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